Artur Beterbiev Defeats Anthony Yarde To Retain Light Heavyweight Title – Boxing

Artur Beterbiev Defeats Anthony Yarde To Retain Light Heavyweight Title

Artur Beterbiev took on Anthony Yarde at the Wembley Arena in London on Saturday night, 28th January 2022 for the Light Heavyweight title. The odds were against Beterbiev even though he was the champion, as he was fighting on Anthony Yarde’s home turf.

Artur Beterbiev vs Anthony Yarde

However, the Russian defeated the Englishman in style, as he knocked him down in the 8th round. Beterbiev put his three titles on the line for this match, which included the WBO, IBF, and WBC belts.

Anthony Yarde received only the first loss of his career, with the young man putting on a show for all the British boxing fans. Though the young boxer did not give in, his corner signaled to the referee to put an end to the fight mid-round.

The win gives Beterbiev a fantastic record of finishing all his 19 matches with knockouts. The Russian showed grit and perseverance throughout the fight and could subdue his young opponent.

The Fight As It Happened

Round 1

Beterbiev went into the first round with his usual marauding style, trying to rough up the young Englishman. As it would seem, Anthony Yarde was up for the challenge. He moved around with swift footwork, showing his speed and mobility from the get-go.

Yarde had everyone excited in the first round when he connected a left hook while countering the Russian attacks. This showed the young boxer had the guts to take on the world champion. Yarde’s attacks were quick and practical, the results of which could be seen on Beterbiev’s face after the end of the first round.

Round 2

The Russian came out in the second round with a more determined boxing style. Unsurprisingly, he is a champion because he could close down the distance with Yarde and pin him to the ropes. When it looked like the Russian was getting a hold of the fight, the Englishman slipped away from his attacks.

Anthony Yarde

The crowd cheered for Anthony Yarde as he ducked Beterbiev’s punches, but he would not go very far. The Russian’s uppercuts were devastating, and Yarde soon felt the impact of his punches.

Round 3

Artur Beterbiev was a man in a resurgence in the third round as he finally found his rhythm. He kept at it and closed the distance like a seasoned fighter throughout the third round.

Round 4

In the fourth round, Artur Beterbiev started his onslaught on the young boxer. He was landing shot after shot on Anthony Yarde, which was effective in hurting Anthony Yarde. The Russian’s intensity was on another gear in the fourth round, which could be seen on Anthony Yarde’s left eye, where there was a small cut below.

Round 5

Anthony Yarde had a halt when the referee signaled for his gumshield to be cleaned before putting it back in. Beterbiev punched the gumshield out of Yarde’s mouth with his vicious attacks. The Russian’s dominance was visible throughout the fight, but Yarde caught him off-guard before the end of the fifth round.

The crowd roared to support Anthony’s fightback as he unsettled the Russian’s stance for the first time in the fight with a hard right. As the Russian retreated towards his corner, Anthony Yarde followed it up with a left hook and heavy right cross. This rocked Beterbiev very severely in the fifth round.

However, Beterbiev showed why he had held three titles by administering a counterattack on Anthony Yarde. The Russian followed the punch with a heavy shot to the body and two quick uppercuts to Yarde’s head.

The end of the fifth round brought the crowd’s excitement to another level, as they were cheering on both fighters. They were getting value for the money they spent on the fight. Yarde was handed a lifeline when the bell rang for the end of the fifth round.

Round 6

As the 6th round started, both fighters could be seen with damage to their faces. The Russian was bleeding from cuts to his face, and Yarde had swellings below his eyes. Beterbiev came out with more intensity in the sixth round, wanting to inflict damage on Yarde as much as possible.

Yarde repeated the jab attack that stunned Beterbiev earlier, but the Russian could read his intentions. Yarde attacked Beterbiev with body shots and quick combinations on the head. The Englishman was winning this round in terms of points, and he even gave Beterbiev a cut on his right eye.

However, Beterbiev stunned Yarde again with a counter right hook. This unsettled the young boxer as the round came to an end.

Round 7

Anthony Yarde came out in the seventh round with more intensity and action. He went forward with more attacks on Beterbiev and hurt the Russian boxer.

Beterbiev understood he was in trouble and backed away to increase the distance. He then used his experience to force the Englishman to the corner and unleashed a load of shots on him. All Anthony Yarde could do now was stand his ground and try not to receive heavy shots.

Round 8

The eighth round came about, and not many thought it would end the incredible fight between the two warriors. Anthony Yarde entered the round with tired spirits and attempted a lazy uppercut on Beterbiev, but the Russian could read it and countered it with a heavy right hand.

Beterbiev followed it up with another right, and the Englishman’s defenses finally gave in, as he went down on the canvas. He got up and continued, but the referee saw Yarde’s corner signaling the fight to stop, and Beterbiev adjudged the winner by knockout.

Beterbiev maintained his record of winning all his matches by knockouts, totaling 19, and retained all his belts.

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