Bengals Vs. Dolphins: Can Miami Keep Their Undefeated Streak? 

Week 4 is off to a great start, as fans will get to see the Cincinnati Bengals clashing against the Miami Dolphins. The match is scheduled to take place on Friday, September 30th; the venue? Bengals’ home turf: the famous Paycor Stadium.  

The Miami Dolphins are performing exceptionally well this season, a delightful surprise to many. Everyone knew they would do well, but no one expected them to win three back-to-back matches and maintain a pristine record. Dolphins fans hope to see them add another astounding win to their record, but the Bengals stand in their way.  

Maimi Dolphins Helmet

On the other hand, Cincinnati has had one win and two losses this season and is looking to improve their record. All they have to do is break Miami’s undefeated streak this Friday. Who will prevail as these two giants go toe to toe? Catch all the action live on Roomba TV, the best IPTV streaming platform in 2022! 

A look At Cincinnati’s Last Game  

Week 3 of the NFL regular season saw the Bengals take on the New York Jets in an exhilarating match that witnessed Cincinnati emerge as the victor for the first time this season. The Bengals had been coming from two back-to-back losses and desperately needed to secure a win. The team went all out aggressive and was victorious in the end. The final score? Bengals win with a 27-12 lead.  

The match started on an energetic note, with both teams making successful drives against their opponents. The Bengals started the show by opening with a touchdown pass that put Samaje Perine in a position to draw first blood, scoring against New York to secure a 7-0 lead.  

The Jets hit them with their response, an impressive opening drive that resulted in Greg the Leg Zuerlein scoring a field goal, lowering the score difference to 7-3. Shortly after, Zuerlein closed the score gap even further with another field goal, bringing it to 7-6.  

Bengals Vs. Jets

Bengals’ Tyler Boyd became the man of the hour when he caught a pass by Burrows and took the ball into enemy territory while fighting off multiple tackles to achieve a 56-yard score. This put Cincinnati back in the advantage as the score ramped up to 14-6. Evan McPherson’s two consecutive field goals further elevated the lead to 20-6 with only a few minutes left in the first half.  

The Jets tried to make a powerful comeback drive, but the Bengals countered it to their benefit and scored a touchdown pass for a 27-6 lead. A last-ditch attempt by New York ended in a field goal, giving them 6 more points to add. However, it wasn’t enough, and they eventually ran out of time, giving the Bengals their first win this season.  

A Look At Miami’s Last Game 

The Miami Dolphins played against the Buffalo Bills in week 3 and secured their third win this season. Buffalo threw the first punch with Josh Allen pitching a touchdown pass to Devin Singletary, opening the scores to 7-0.  

The Miami Dolphins smartly tightened their defenses and repelled the next incursion. They hit Buffalo with their own touchdown as Chase Edmonds slipped through the diagonals and evened the score to 7-7, where it stayed for the remainder of the first quarter.  

The Bills took control of the lead once more when quarterback Josh Allens noticed an unmarked Isiah Mckenzie on the field. He swiftly made a throw to Mckenzie, who made a quick run into enemy lines, scoring Buffalo’s second touchdown to retake the lead at 14-7.  

Miami caught up to Buffalo sometime later when star quarterback Tua Tagovailoa made a calculated throw to wide receiver River Cracraft, who, despite having multiple targets on his back, was able to catch it and score the equalizer. This excellent display of skill and precision tied the score once again to 14-14.  

The game went back and forth for a while and was almost in a stalemate until Buffalo placekicker Tyler Bass hit and scored a 30-yard field goal, giving his team a three-point lead at 17-14. He attempted another field goal in the next quarter but failed to hit the mark.  

Dolphins celebrate their third season win

The breakthrough moment came for Miami in the fourth quarter as Chase Edmonds emerged from the shotgun position and carried the ball across the other side to score a massive touchdown. The tables were turned, and Miami got in the lead for the first time in the game, with a score of 21-17. No other gains were made for the remainder of the match, making Miami the victors for the third time this season. 

Will Miami Win Their Fourth Consecutive Match? 

There’s only one question on everyone’s mind as we head into week 4 of the NFL regular season; can Miami win four times in a row? The team has certainly done well for themselves and has turned the tide in many battles.  

The Bengals aren’t in their best shape and have only won one game out of three, so they’ll need to pull it together if they want to grab the win this Friday. Luckily for them, Miami’s best weapon, Tua Tagovailoa, is still recovering from his horrible concussion last game. Add his back injury into the mix, and his chances of performing this upcoming game are slim. This might give the Bengals’ defense team an advantage they can exploit for a while.   

Needless to say, this will be an exciting match in NFL history with raw energy in the air and lots of expectations from fans. Can Miami win again and upgrade their winning streak to four matches in a row? We’ll find out this Friday at the Paycor Stadium.  

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