England Vs. France: FIFA World Cup 2022 Quarter Finals 

England Vs. France

We’re all set for the 2022 world cup quarter-finals, which is underway in full swing. England will take on France on Saturday, December 10th, at 2 PM ET. Fans are full of anticipation and excitement for the upcoming match, which will take place in Al-Bayt Stadium, Al Khor, Qatar.  

FIFA World Cup Qatar

Everyone knows this will be an intense match, one we won’t forget soon. England and France are previous world cup winners and are looking to secure another win this year. Today, we will analyze how both teams got this far as we prepare for their upcoming matchup.  

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar: Recap 

Before we talk about the quarter-finals, let’s do a quick recap of the intense Round 16 matches. We’ve enjoyed watching several exciting matchups between the best teams; it certainly has been mindblowing. However, we have to say goodbye to some of our favorite teams who didn’t make the cut for round 16.    

Netherlands And Argentina  

Netherlands defeated the USA 3-1, which marked the end of the road for the Americans this World Cup. The Netherlands will face Argentina in the quarter-final round, which will definitely be a challenge for the European team.  

Argentina defeated Australia 2-1, a sigh of relief for the South American team; they’ve certainly had a rocky journey this year. Their initial defeat at the hands of Saudi Arabia was a shocker for fans, who started wondering if the team would qualify. Argentina has proven themselves otherwise and has successfully moved on to the quarter-finals.  

France And England 

France took on Poland, one of the stronger teams in this World Cup, and defeated them 3-1. England took on Senegal and dominated the field 3-0, a massive victory for the three lions. This was certainly a morale booster for the English, and they are fully pumped about the upcoming match with France.  

Croatia And Brazil 

Japan took on Croatia, ending in a 1-1 stalemate at halftime. The match continued in a penalty shootout, and Croatia won the exchange, marking the end of the road for the Asian giants.  

Brazil defeated South Korea 4-1, eliminating the latter. South Korea has had a good run this world cup, but they’ve approached the journey’s end. Brazil, on the other hand, has qualified for the quarter-finals.  

Morroco And Portugal 

Morroco Vs. Spain ended in a 0-0 stalemate at full time, which took the match to a penalty shootout. In a shocking turn of events, Morroco scored 3 times, while Spain strangely scored none, leading to their ultimate elimination.  

Meanwhile, Portugal dominated Switzerland 6-1 in a strong display of skill and determination. If they keep this up, they won’t have trouble eliminating Morroco, which is what most fans predict. But who knows, Morroco might surprise us and come out as the victors. We’ll find out soon enough.  

England’s Journey To The Quarter Finals 

England started out strong, winning their initial match against Iran 6-2. Jude Bellingham delivered the first goal in the 35th minute, giving the brits a head start against their opponents. Bukayo Saka scored another goal in the 43rd minute; another one by Raheem Sterling in the 46th minute gave England a 3-goal lead. Iran retaliated in the 65th minute when Mehdi Taremi scored the first goal for the team.  

England Celebrates Victory Over Iran

England’s Bukayo Saka returned with another goal in the 62nd minute, giving them a 4-goal lead. Marcus Rashford joined the fray, scoring yet another goal in the 71st minute. The deal was finally sealed with Jack Grealish when he scored the last goal in the 90th minute.  

Iran’s Mehdi Taremi scored his second goal during extra time, saving some face for Iran. However, it was already too late for the middle eastern team, and it was clear that they had suffered a grueling defeat. As for England, this has been their best match so far.  

England drew against the USA 0-0 in their second game and dominated Wales 3-0 in their third. Round 16 saw the three lions go up against Senegal, an easy 3-0 win for the team. Judging by the looks of it, England seems to be one of the fittest teams this World Cup, successfully winning every encounter. However, France won’t be such an easy opponent for the brits, so they’ll have to come up with something if they want to win.  

France’s Journey To The Quarter Finals 

Like England, France started the World Cup in a strong position, dominating their first opponent, Australia. Although the match started with Australia in the lead, France quickly turned it around and kept towering.  

Australia drew first blood, with Craig Goodwin scoring a goal within the first 9 minutes. It was a shocker for France fans, who began fearing the worse. However, the Frenchmen turned it around soon enough, with Adrien Rabiot scoring the first goal for the team in the 27th minute.  

France celebrates against Australia

Oliver Giroud scored France’s second goal in the 32nd minute, just after the half-hour mark. Kylian Mbappe’s goal followed up on this in the 68th minute, and yet another Oliver Giroud scorer in the 71st minute. And with that, France secured and held onto their 3-goal lead until the end of the match. A great way to start the tournament.  

France won their next match against Denmark 2-1 but lost their game 3 match against Tunisia 1-0. They faced Poland in the Round 16 match and won 3-1. With that, they have successfully qualified for the quarter-finals, where they will go toe-to-toe against England. What a thrilling match it shall be.  

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