Frenzy At Sydney – Mark Hunt Ends Sonny Bill Williams’ Undefeated Streak

Frenzy At Sydney

Sydney’s Aware Super Theatre erupted into sheer pandemonium on Saturday night. Boxing fans were shocked as UFC legend Mark Hunt floored Sonny Bill Williams, handing him his first defeat.

Mark Hunt vs Sonny Bill Williams

Playing his last competitive match, Hunt ended his career on a high. A swift right hand was enough to floor Williams, who did survive the referee’s count. This was the All Blacks legend’s first professional defeat.

The jam-packed crowd erupted in cheers despite the shock. Hunt received a standing ovation. Williams was in shock but did not fail to congratulate his fellow countryman.

Keep reading below to see how the excitement unfolded.

Build Up To The Big Fight

It was clear as day that Sonny Williams was the favorite to win going into the match. Besides, he was 11 years younger than the 48-year-old Hunt. Sonny was also 20 kilograms lighter than his opponent.

Before the shock defeat, Sonny had a perfect 9-0 record. This included four KO wins. All odds were in favor of a potential 10-0 scenario.

On the other hand, Hunt had suffered three consecutive defeats previously. This includes two losses and one draw. Coincidentally, Hunt had suffered defeat at the hands of Paul Gallen, SBW’s arch-rival, in 2020.

All these factors led fans and pundits to predict another win for SBW. But they were shocked as the All Blacks legend fell victim to Hunt’s fourth-round comeback. It was a fairy-tale ending for Mark Hunt, who will hang up his gloves after this match.

Before the historic win, Hunt’s fight portfolio included 75 competitive matches in MMA, boxing, and kickboxing. He also lost thirty kilograms in preparation for his bout.

Furthermore, Hunt revealed that he was stepping into the ring to pay off a UFC legal bill. His last match was in 2020.

Hunt had also hung up his MMA gloves way back in 2018. This match against Sonny was scheduled for his last time in the ring.

How The Match Unfolded

Both competitors came into the match looking confident. There was a minor issue over the two boxers wearing different gloves. Eventually, Hunt switched his gloves and doused the issue.

The match was going in favor of Williams for the first three rounds. He landed blow after blow at an almost 50% success rate. Hunt provided limited blows with most of his punches at a 20% rate.

Sonny Bill Williams

The veteran looked weary, unable to counter his opponent’s rapid-fire pace. However, things quickly took a turn as Hunt showed his resilience in the fourth round. Hunt’s weight advantage also gave him more power and handed the decisive knock-out, silencing the crowd.

Williams looked like he was going to survive the ten count. But the Super Samoan quickly pounced on the opportunity and landed several blows. This only stopped at the referee’s intervention.

First Round Goes To SBW

The first round started at a rapid pace as both fighters exchanged blows. SBW almost got Mark with his left hook as he came forward. After the counter, Hunt managed to graze SBW, but SBW responded with another signature left hook.

Fortunately, Mark avoided that shot. But SBW quickly got into him, pinning him against the ropes. Hunt responded with a right punch that proved effective. After a couple of exchanges, the bell rings, signaling the end of round one.

Second Round Offered Nothing Special

The two fighters exchanged punches right away as the second round commenced. This was pretty much like the first round; just a bit more fast-paced.

Despite the exchanges between them, none could land the decisive blow. Although, we got to see some excellent body moves from the Super Samoan.

Round Three Gets Better

Williams entered the ring more confident than ever. His timing was better than in the previous rounds. Hunt throws a couple of right hands, but Williams counters them quickly.

Williams throws in some jabs and uppercuts. But Hunt responds with some body shots and short jabs of his own. The bell rings as both fighters go back to their respective corners.

Fourth Time’s The Charm

Round Four was the final nail in the coffin-the round that decided it all. The Super Samoan floors Williams delivering a fatal right hand and a left hook.

Mark Hunt

The referee starts his count as SBW barely manages to survive. However, Hunt quickly jumps in with a massive right hand that sends Williams spinning. He follows this with a typhoon of punches as the crowd watches in great deliberation.

This proved too much for Williams as the referee signals for the bell. The whole arena is in shock. Mark Hunt ends Sonny Bill Williams’ streak in his farewell match. There couldn’t be a more fairy-tale ending than this.

Post-match Scenes

After the match, both fighters exchanged credits between them. Williams was humbled and thanked his opponent for sharing the ring with him.

The former NRL star was devastated and had no positives to take from the match. But sharing the ring with a legend like Mark was enough to calm his nerves.

On the other hand, a thrilled Mark said that he wanted “to do that again.” But this was his last professional match. His children entered the ring as Hunt approached them with hugs. The whole arena was still in awe as the veteran stood tall one last time.

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