Fundora VS Ocampo – Premier Boxing Champions

Fundora VS Ocampo

The WBC Interim Super Welterweight Champion Sebastian Fundora met his title challenger Carlos Ocampo at the PBC Fight Night in Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson, California.

Sebastian Fundora vs Carlos Ocampo

This was one of those fights where the challenger was tipped to win, with Ocampo having more in his arsenal. However, it wasn’t meant to be, as Sebastian “The Towering Inferno” Fundora proved why he is the unbeaten Super Welterweight Champion of the world.

The fight lasted 12 rounds, with both fighters going at each other by giving their all. However, neither could manage to find a finish as the fight went to the judges’ scorecards.

After a grueling 12-round fight, Fundora was adjudged the winner by unanimous decision.

Fighter Profiles

Sebastian Fundora, the unbeaten WBC Super Welterweight Champion, came into this fight with 20 wins and 1 loss in his entire professional boxing career. He had 13 knockouts in 21 fights, giving him a knockout percentage of 61.9 %. He weighed 153.5 pounds and measured 1.97 meters long, giving him a reach of 80 inches.

Sebastian Fundora uses a southpaw fighting stance, which most fighters find challenging to fight against.

On the other hand, Carlos Ocampo was the more experienced fighter among these two, with a professional record of 34 wins, 1 draw, and 0 losses. He has knocked out his opponents 22 times in 35 fights, averaging 62.86 %. He weighed in at 153.5 pounds and measured 5 feet and 10 inches long, reaching 73 inches.

Ocampo is an orthodox boxer, and given that his reach was shorter than Fundora, it was evident that he would be more proactive than his opponent.

Fundora vs Ocampo

The clash between Fundora and Ocampo was a treat for boxing fans, as they witnessed two excellent boxers showing their flexible fighting styles. Fundora had an advantage going into this fight with his superior 7-inch reach, but Ocampo made it difficult for him to be accurate with his jabs.

Fundora looked like his game plan was to use his reach advantage to hurt Ocampo, which worked out in his favor in the end. However, this fight also showed boxing fans what Ocampo was all about.

Sebastian Fundora

The fight lasted 12 rounds, and Sebastian Fundora was finally adjudged the winner.

Fundora used his southpaw stance and reach advantage to land jabs on Ocampo, producing blood from his nose in the second round. The champion worked on the jabs from the start of the first round, so it was no surprise that the challenger was bruised by the end of the second round.

However, that did not keep Ocampo from attacking the champion, as he feinted enough to get Fundora to open up. When Ocampo saw a window of opportunity, he landed a solid right hand to Fundora’s head in the second round. He also landed many blows on his opponent’s body, hoping to wear him down.

The third round saw how Ocampo was ready to receive some hits to get closer to Fundora. He was landing the body hits to slow Fundora’s breathing in the third round. When Fundora opened up a little, Ocampo would land a couple of hooks and crosses to the champion’s body and head.

Fundora found his rhythm as the fight went toward the middle rounds. His jabs became more accurate, and he added several crosses with his left hand.

He would use his right hand to land jabs on Ocampo and follow them up with left crosses. However, while landing those shots, he also received counterattacks from Ocampo. Ocampo unleashed a couple of uppercuts to the chin and left blows in the third round.

Ocampo Gets Green Signal After Bruise Scare

It was clear that Ocampo’s face was bruised badly, and the referee summoned the ringside physician by the end of the 8th round to check on the challenger. The physician warned Ocampo that he would stop the fight if he were found inactive in the upcoming rounds. This prompted Ocampo to look for other avenues where he could hurt the champion.

His best moments came in the 10th round, where he landed a series of combinations on the champion. Fundora was taken aback for a moment in the 10th round when he was forced to the corner by Ocampo’s combos.

Dominance vs Determination

The fight between Sebastian Fundora and Carlos Ocampo was an excellent watch for boxing fans. There were two stories to tell in this fight – Dominance and Determination.

Sebastian Fundora showed people why he is the undefeated WBC Super Welterweight Champion by dominating Carlos Ocampo throughout the fight. According to the three judges, Fundora lost only two rounds, the first and third.


Judging by the reach difference between the two fighters, it was logical that Fundora would dominate the fight in terms of points collected.

However, there was absolute determination shown by Carlos Ocampo in the fight. Even though he lost most of the rounds, they were all close calls except for some. There was no way the challenger was going to give in without putting up a fight.

The fact that he found his best moments in the 10th round was testament to his determination. Even with so many cuts and bruises, he managed to hurt the champion during the fight’s dying rounds. Clearly, Carlos Ocampo will rise in the top 10 rankings, and be the division’s champion in the future.

That said, Sebastian Fundora remains the Champion of the WBC’s Super Welterweight category. The young man looks like he is on the rise and there can be many things he can achieve in the future if he continues in the right direction.

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