Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva – Jake Paul Remains Undefeated After 8 Fights

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

Jake Paul won his boxing fight against Anderson Silva, held at the Desert Diamond Arena, Glendale, Arizona, at 9:00 PM ET on October 29th, 2022. The social media influencer came out on top after the fight went to the judges’ scorecards.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

This fight had more attraction than Jake Paul’s previous fights, as his opponent was one of the biggest names in mixed martial arts, Anderson Silva. Anderson Silva made his name in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, becoming one of the organization’s biggest legends.

The fight lasted 8 rounds, with both boxers landing almost the same amount of punches. The YouTuber-turned-boxer knocked down Anderson Silva in the 8th round and was adjudged the winner by unanimous decision.

First Round

The first round started at a slow pace as both fighters looked to measure each other’s distances. There was not much action in the first minute, mainly from Anderson Silva.

Meanwhile, Jake Paul picked up his pace as he started throwing jabs. This was as much action as people noticed in the opening minutes. The only forward movements came from Jake Paul, throwing body punches and jabs whenever possible.

It was only towards the end of the first round when Silva landed a couple of left counter-punches. Both boxers ended the round by holding one another. The first round went to Jake Paul, with more shots landed.

Second Round

The second round saw a more active Anderson Silva as the 47-year-old warmed up to the occasion. It looked like Jake Paul’s strategy was to keep Silva at a distance by throwing continuous jabs. This continued until Silva threw a big left hand, but Paul just escaped by a whisker.

This prompted Jake to up his ante and go for an uppercut on Silva.

Silva also got back at Jake Paul by landing a couple of heavy shots. He started his trademark trash talks inside the ring while circling Jake Paul.

Jake Paul tried to catch Silva off guard with a big right hand, but Silva was able to dodge it with his excellent movements. He landed a few more shots on Jake Paul, earning him the second round.

Third Round

It started fiery in the third round, as Jake Paul came out with body shots and jabs. The MMA legend also started using jabs to stop Jake Paul from advancing toward him. This did not stop the young American from countering Silva, landing a couple of uppercuts on the chin.

Silva’s defense was so low that Jake Paul was able to land most of his shots to the face. Silva also caught Jake Paul with a fast left hand, but the YouTube star could shrug it off.

He continued his barrage on Silva with a combination of quick shots. When Jake Paul went to clinch Silva’s body, he missed, and Silva landed a body shot on him.

Fourth Round

The fourth round saw the boxers landing back-to-back shots, which livened up the crowd. There were huge cheers for Silva as the crowd chanted his name when he landed a right hand on Paul.

Jake Paul responded with a big right hand, which only attracted more fury from Anderson Silva. The fourth round was a crazy fight, as both fighters looked like they wanted to put up a good show for the boxing fans.

It was an excellent round for a retired MMA fighter and a celebrity boxer. The round ended with a couple of body shots from both boxers.

Fifth Round

Jake Paul entered the fifth round with all guns blazing, as he landed multiple body shots on Anderson Silva. However, Silva tamed him with short punches and body shots in the corner. Jake Paul tried to avoid more beatings by holding on to Silva’s body.

This gave Jake Paul some time to calm down, but he couldn’t get the upper hand. Silva ended the round with a couple of shots to the body and uppercuts to the chin. This round went to Anderson Silva, with a dominant performance.

Sixth Round

The sixth round saw a dip in Silva’s attacks as he was trying to avoid engaging in heavy exchanges with Jake Paul. It looked like the fifth round had taken a toll on Anderson Silva’s cardio. This was inevitable for a fighter who was nearing his 50s.

However, he did try to land some shots on Jake Paul, for which the referee warned him of using the dark arts. Jake Paul and Silva exchanged heavy body shots toward the end, giving the judges a challenging round to score.

Seventh Round

Jake Paul came back for the seventh round with more intensity, hitting Silva with a lunging right. He continued his attacks on Silva with various combinations of his body and head.

Silva tried to get back at Jake Paul with a right swing, but he missed. It looked like the MMA legend’s stamina was coming to a stop. However, he landed a good right hand on Jake Paul’s head, to which Paul responded with a blow to Silva’s body.

There were a few more exchanges before Silva held on to Jake Paul’s body till the end of the seventh round.

Eighth Round

The final round was the most exciting in the bout, with both fighters going for the jugular. Anderson Silva looked to bully Jake Paul for the final round, but Jake had other ideas.

He landed a heavy right punch on Silva’s temple, sending him rocking down on the canvas. The referee brought him back up to his feet and counted to eight to check if he could continue the fight.

The referee recommenced the fight with everything looking normal, and both fighters went at it again. Silva struck Jake Paul with jabs and a right hook to the jaw, but Jake Paul survived the round by clinching on Anderson Silva. He then landed a jab and a left hand just before the final bell.

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