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Jose Pedraza Vs Richard Commey

Jose Pedraza and Richard Commey faced each other in the junior welterweight division on 27th August 2022 at 12:00 PM ET in Oklahoma. Boxing fans were excited about the fight between the two veteran boxers in Puerto Rico’s Pedraza and the former world champion from Ghana, Commey.

Jose Pedraza Vs Richard Commey

It was an interesting fight, with both of them getting their chances to put a stamp on the game. However, the fight went to the judges’ scorecards and ended in a draw.

It was a disappointing result for both camps, especially after all the build-up to the event. The fight lasted for the complete 10 rounds, with neither of them able to knockout the other.

Pedraza Vs Commey

Pedraza and Commey fought to a split draw in the 10-round bout at 140 lbs, with Pedraza winning one card 97-93, Commey taking another 96-94, and the third judge scoring it 95-95.

Most boxing fans gave the fight in Pedraza’s favor, but the result wasn’t really detrimental for both boxers. Both Pedraza and Commey had their highs in the fight, proving to viewers why they are veterans of the boxing world. The two boxers also had some rough rounds and even rough stretches, where they had to use their experiences to get through.

Initial rounds

Pedraza came into this fight with 29 wins, 4 losses, and 1 draw, while Commey had 30 wins, 4 losses, and one draw. Pedraza had a record of 14 wins by knockouts in his professional career. Commey has had 27 wins by knockouts in 30 games, which proves his caliber as a top-level boxer.

Pedraza had a dazzling start to the first round, and looked like he had the perfect game plan. However, Commey landed a blow to Pedraza, which shooked him up a little. Pedraza seemed like his feet were stuck on the canvas after that blow, which he usually doesn’t do.

Richard Commey

The second round saw Ghana’s strong boxer take the reins in the fight, finding his distance and landing hard and precise shots to Jose Pedraza’s face. This round is where the real fight started between the two boxers.

The Ghanaian boxer was able to impress two of the judges, who noticed the aggression and proactive spirit he brought to the fight. His aggressiveness made it possible for him to connect damaging punches throughout the fight, which punished his Puerto Rican opponent.

However, Pedraza was able to nullify Commey’s advances by landing repeated body shots, which slowed down his opponent.

Pedraza finds rhythm

It looked like Richard Commey was serving up all the cold dishes after the start of the second round. He dominated the bout until the fourth round, but Pedraza came back into the fight.

Commey had a cut on his left eye when there was a clash of heads between the two boxers in the 5th round. In the referee’s account of the fight, he ruled that a punch caused the cut on the eye. After the cut on Commey’s left eye, Pedraza started gaining better control of the fight.

The 9th round was Pedraza’s most dominant round in the fight, making good use of the body punches. The way he landed those punches on Commey’s body had a real impact. It looked like those blows to the body were tiring out Richard Commey in the last couple of rounds.

However, it was not like Pedraza had a marathon after the 4th round was over. He failed to engage in combat in most of Round 8, which made it difficult for the judges to score him. It was as if like he almost took the round off.

Jose Pedraza

Pedraza was able to land 165 of 496 of his total punches and 134 of 291 of his power punches. On the other hand, Commey landed 149 of 684 of his total punches and 130 of 377 of his power shots.

In terms of jabs, Pedraza landed 31 as compared to Commey’s 19. He landed more body shots than Richard Commey, with a score of 78-19. Pedraza was able to capitalize from the 5th round and landed some of his best hits of the fight. It looked like Commey was finding it hard to get back into the fight even though he was landing some excellent punches on Predraza’s face.

When everything looked like it was going Pedraza’s way, Commey got back into the fight with an excellent performance in the 10th round. That made it difficult for the judges to score that round.

Final Result

The boxing match between Jose Pedraza and Richard Commey ended up in a split draw decision by the judges. It seemed like a fair result for the neutral fans, as both boxers had equal opportunities in the fight.

Pedraza and Commey both had their moments of domination throughout the 10 rounds. While Richard Commey dominated the initial rounds of the fight, Pedraza grew into the game from the 5th round till the 9th.

The first judge scored the fight 97-93 in favor of Pedraza, while another scored 96-94 in favor of Richard Commey. The third judge scored 95-95 for both boxers, ending in a draw.

There were a total of 1100 punches thrown together in this fight, which tells you the story of how the fight went. One can imagine the number of blows both boxers had to endure.

Pedraza said that he was ready to go again for a rematch as he was not happy with the outcome of the fight. For Commey, he has his sights set on returning to his home country before deciding on a rematch.

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