NFL Divisional Round: Eagles Vs. Giants  

Philadelphia Eagles Vs. New York Giants  

As we approach the NFL divisional round of 2023, we draw attention to two exciting teams on the roster. The Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants had a great season last year. But of course, with the new year comes a new season, and with that, the action-packed divisional round.   

Today, we’ll discuss the upcoming match between the Eagles and the Giants, a spectacle that will take place on January 22nd at the Lincoln Financial Field. Which team will come out on top? And which team will eat dirt this Sunday? Catch the game live on Roomba TV, the best IPTV provider in 2023!  

What’s Been Going On So Far?   

NFL has given one of the most amazing wild card rounds in sports streaming history. Match after match of raw adrenaline and pound-for-pound action, the likes of which we’ve never seen before.   

This year’s wild-card round was undoubtedly something anyone will preserve in their memory. But in case you’ve been living under a rock all this while, here’s a quick recap of what happened during the NFL wild-card round of 2023.   

The 49ers Shot Down The Seahawks!  

In an amazing display of brute force and effective tactics, the 49ers brought down the Seahawks in a horribly one-sided match. The 49ers dominated the field, scoring 41 points at full-time; a feat San Francisco can be proud of. The Seahawks could not hold their ground, let alone take flight, plummeting with only 23 points to show for the onslaught.   

Both teams had been prepping for this match a long time, but fans knew deep down the 49ers were not going to mess about. They went straight for the kill and focused on leading with a strong offense that could penetrate the Seahawk lines. Seattle was powerless to stop the oncoming 49ers, with their sloppy defensive line breaking apart more and more every quarter.   

The 49ers won an amazing victory, and the Seahawks took a beating they will remember for years to come. On the bright side, it could have been a lot worse for Seattle. The final score? 49ers 41, Seahawks 23.   

The Jaguars Broke L.A.’s Charge  

The Jaguars won a close victory over the Chargers, proving their dominance. Both teams have won 10 matches and lost 8 this season, possessing nearly identical rankings to each other. However, the Jaguars proved to the crowd that they were indeed the stronger team, and no matter who you are, you can’t charge at a Jaguar and expect not to get bitten.   

Both teams were evenly matched, with neither giving an inch to the other. For every attack made, there was an equally damaging response; such was the intensity of this exchange. Neither side could outdo the other, with both teams scoring a touch down after touch down, only to lose the same amount of points to the opponent moments later.   

At full-time, it was the Jaguars who had the superior number, albeit it was only a distinction of 1 point. The final score? The Jaguars scored 31 points, only one point more than the Chargers, who had 30 points. The Jaguars may have won the match, but both teams eventually came out victorious.   

The Bills Overpowered The Dolphins   

It was pandemonium at Bills Stadium, New York when the Buffalo Bills took on the Miami Dolphins on January 15th. This was yet another close match, and the victory could have been anyone’s had it not been for a few additional points.   

The Buffalo Bills sent a strong barrage of players across the field but were met with an evenly-matched Dolphins defensive line. Tumble after tumble, both teams gave each other their best shot, with neither giving in. Come full-time; it was the Bills who had the higher number, scoring 34 points in total. On the other hand, the Miami Dolphins stood at 31 points, just three points short of a draw.   

The Giants Stopped A Viking Raid  

The Minnesota Vikings, with their impressive 13-5 record this season, could not thwart the New York Giants. The Vikings were beaten back by the Giants on a memorable night at U.S. Bank Stadium.   

The Vikings gave it their best shot and scored 24 points in total; however, this was not enough to win the game. The Giants had a better offensive line and stronger defense, sealing their victory with 31 points to show for it.   

The Bengals Scared Off A Flock Of Ravens  

The Cincinnati Bengals massively outmatched the Baltimore Ravens during their exchange in the wild-card round. With a well-planned offensive line and bullet-proof defensive wall, the Bengals were able to secure a grand victory.   

The Bengals stood tall with 24 points at full-time; meanwhile, the Ravens only had 17 points to show for their attempts. Both teams made great efforts, but the Bengals outmatched their opponents this time.   

The Dallas Cowboys Wrangled The Buccaneers  

It isn’t a proper wild card round if there aren’t cowboys around, which is why the last match between Dallas and Tampa Bay was so intense. The match ended with Dallas outsmarting the Buccaneers at almost every turn and winning with a 17-point lead.   

The Dallas Cowboys won a massive victory against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, scoring 31 points in total. The Buccaneers lagged behind with only 14 points.   

Eagles Vs. Giants; Who Will Win?   

The New York Giants certainly have a morale booster for their upcoming match with the Eagles. The Giants bested the Vikings and had a great victory to show for it. Can the Giants shoot down the Eagles the way they disposed of the Giants? Or will Philadelphia fans be celebrating an Eagles victory this Sunday?  

Eagles Vs. Giants

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