NFL Week 18: Jacksonville Jaguars Vs. Tennessee Titans

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs. Tennessee Titans

Week 18 of the NFL regular season is going to commence this weekend, and boy are we excited for the action. The Jacksonville Jaguars will go face-to-face on the gridiron field live on Saturday, 7th December, 8:15 PM ET at the TIAA Bank Field stadium. The Jaguars will be playing in their home field, which should give them a booster.

The Jaguars beat the Titans during their last bout; the final scorecard was Jaguars 36, Titans 22. The match took place at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee; the home turf of the Tennessee Titans. Will this be a repeat of last time? Or will the Titans tower over the Jaguars this coming Saturday? Read ahead to learn more!

Confusion With The Match Dates

The upcoming match between the Jaguars and Titans will no doubt make for an interesting sports streaming event. However, there have been some confusion revolving around the match dates.

Some NFL fans might remember there was a consensus to shift the match to Sunday December 8th. We know the Jaguars would’ve preferred this as it would have allowed them to get enough rest before the match. Despite the growing discussions, the match still seems to be placed on Saturday night the 7th of December.

The Jaguars are probably not appreciating this decision by the board. Keeping the match on Saturday means that their opponents; the Titans, will be getting more rest than them.

As you might remember, the Titans played their latest Week 17 game on Thursday. So, if the next game is scheduled for Saturday, it would mean they’re getting three extra days of rest before the upcoming match. While it may seem like it at first glance, this is exactly the type of micro detail that could bring them a massive advantage against their opponents.

Jacksonville Jaguar’s Journey This Season

The Jacksonville Jaguars have an 8-8 record this NFL season and are pumped up to face the Titans this Saturday. Let’s take a look at some of the previous matches the Jaguars have played this season.

Perhaps one of the most accomplished wins the Jaguars have had this season came in Week 15 after their match with the Dallas Cowboys. Jacksonville did amazingly well against Dallas and won the match with a 6 point lead. It was truly a great moment for Jaguars fans who certainly showed their escalation during the match.

In Week 16, the Jacksonville Jaguars had the pleasure of facing the New York Jets in an astoundingly one-sided match. The boys from Jacksonville defeated the New Yorkers 19:3, which is very impressive on their part. Securing and maintaining a 16 point lead is no joke, and yet the Jaguars made it seem so effortless in their victory. What a way to show your dominance!
Despite their prior victories, we would only see the very best of the Jaguars during their week 17 match agains the Houston Texans. The Jaguars dominated Texas throughout the match and won game with a dominating score. Jacksonville had a shocking 28 point lead, which is massive by any account. The final score came down to 31:3 with the Jaguars as the winners.

Tennessee Titan’s Journey This Season

The Titans have not enjoyed as much success as the Jaguars this season, but maybe all that will change with the upcoming match. Let’s take a look at their season journey and discuss some of their most recent matches.

Starting with week 15, the Titans had an upsetting defeat at the hands of the Los Angeles Chargers. Fans feel like the Titans just needed to push a little harder to get the win, but L.A tenacity proved to be too difficult for Tennessee to handle. The Chargers won the game with a mere 3 point lead; a lead which could have been taken over by the Titans. However disappointing it may be for fans, the Titans did lose this match with 14 points, while the Chargers enjoyed a 17 point score.

Week 16 saw another defeat for the Titans at the hands of the Houston Texans. Again, this was another close match, and fans felt like the Titans could have pushed through and gotten the lead. But alas, the Texans secured and maintained a 5 point lead at the end of the game, with a score of 19 points. On the other hand, the Texans only had a 14 points.

Week 17 was another at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys who secured a whopping 27 points to the Titan’s measly 13. With week 18 shuffling an old opponent back in the Titan’s path, many wonder if they will make it or break it.

What Happened During The Last Jaguars Vs. Titans Game?

The Jaguars have faced off against the Titans before during week 14; the memory is still recent amongst both players and fans. The match ended in a resounding victory for the Jaguars and a bitter defeat for the Titans.

Both seems seemed evenly matched initially, until the superior attacking strength of the Jaguars became quite noticeable to everyone present in the stadium. Trevor Lawrence brought three touchdowns for the Jaguars with teammates Evan Engram securing two more. The Jaguars attack was giving it everything they had, spelling deep trouble for the Titan defenders.

Major efforts from Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry secured some points for the Titans. However, their inability to defend oncoming Jaguar drives led them to losing several points to their opponents.

The match ended with Jacksonville securing 36 points while Tennessee only managed to get 22. It was an amazing victory for the Jaguars who had beaten the enemy in their own home turf.

Who Will Win The Upcoming Game?

As both teams prepare to meet each other on the field, fans can’t help but wonder which one of them will be the victor. We guess the answer on everyone’s mind is that we will see a repeat of last time and the Jaguars will win yet another stunning victory.

Jacksonville has superior defence and a very effective attack line; the Titans have suffered back-to-back losses and have depleted their morale. It is very unlikely for the Titans to come out as victors, but perhaps they can be a better looser by strengthening their defence and preventing the bulk of the enemy touchdowns.

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