Tyson Fury Vs. Derek Chisora: WBC Heavyweight Championship

Tyson Fury Vs. Derek Chisora: A Rivalry Revisited

Fans at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium were in for a treat last night. Yes, the much-awaited Tyson Fury vs. Derek Chisora rematch finally happened.

Fury Vs. Chisora

And it was the “Gypsy King” who emerged victorious yet again. This was the third time the two competitors faced inside the four-sided ring. And Fury completed his hat trick in the tenth round with a TKO.

It sure was a long wait for fans. And they sure got their money’s worth as the two Brits outmatched each other in each round. And the talking point, in the end, was Fury’s confrontation with Oleksandr Usyk.

Keep reading below as we analyze everything that happened in this monstrous bout.

Fury Vs. Chisora: The Past Comes To Haunt Chisora

The rivalry between Fury and Chisora dates way back to 2011. This was the first time the two faced each other with Chisora’s Commonwealth and British titles on the line. Fury won the match by unanimous decision, with two judges scoring 117–112 and one with 118–111.

The second fight occurred in 2014, with Chisora defending his WBO and European titles. Fury again won the bout as Chisora threw in the towel in the tenth round.

And this tenth-round trauma came back to haunt Chisora last night. Except for this time, a TKO crowned Fury with his trilogy win. “Del Boy” gave his best, but Fury’s “fury” proved too much for him.

The fortunes were also reversed as Fury was now more decorated than Chisora. Del Boy’s glory days were in the past, and he entered this fight as the underdog.

Before the match, Fury had a 32-0-1 record with Chisora at 33-12. Both athletes had the same amount of KO wins, with 23 each.

How The Fight Happened: Round-by-round Analysis

This was the second time Fury was defending his WBC title this year. He retained his title, successfully knocking out Dillian Whyte in April.

On the other hand, it wasn’t looking well for Chisora. He was coming off two back-to-back defeats against Kiwi Joseph Parker. Thus, Chisora was the underdog in this match.

Chisora looked to have the advantage as he came out all guns blazing. But Fury took full advantage after Chisora’s eye injury. The official called for the bell in the tenth round as it was proving too much for Chisora.

Here is how the match unfolded.

Rounds One To Five

Ring walks and introductions concluded at 4.30 PM ET, and the referee rang the bell for the first round.

Chisora showed promise as he came in with some body shots at Fury. But Fury’s agility comes into play as he counters and lands a solid right hand.

But it’s still the first round, and Chisora looks focused. Fury continues his relentless attack as the referee rings the bell for the end of round one.

The second round starts well for Chisora as he successfully lands his blows. But this does nothing to intimidate Fury as he lands blow after blow. He pins Chisora to the corner as the bell rings, another positive round for Fury.

The two brits go toe to toe

Another furious display from Fury rattles Chisora as Del Boy fails to make an impact. A series of uppercuts and big right hands shove Chisora to the ropes. We move into round four.

Fury is still in control over rounds four and five. Chisora responds well, but his shots fall short of rattling Fury. We move into the second phase.

Rounds Six To Ten

The sixth round began with no dynamic shift as Fury maintained his momentum. Chisora still maintained his composure, taking Fury’s offense well. The big shots and counters from both fighters continue into rounds seven and eight.

Chisora looked exhausted as the ninth round began. No one expected this fight to come this far, but yet here we are. Fury looks stronger than ever, while Chisora looks sore with a bleeding mouth and swollen eye.

At this point, Chisora had to get a clean shot for a KO to win this match. But Fury stood taller than ever, not ready to back down. Only a corner intervention could save Chisora and put him out of his misery before things get ugly.

The tenth round begins as Chisora looks wobbly and weary. He tries his best to land the shots to no avail. Fury counters them and lands his shots successfully.

Finally, Fury lands a right hand followed by an uppercut. This was enough for the referee to step in and call the bell. Tyson Fury is crowned the winner by TKO.

Tyson Fury wins by TKO

This wasn’t what the fans were expecting. But it was a necessary call from the referee before things turned for the worse.

Fury Challenges Oleksandr Usyk After The Match

After the intense fight, Fury called out Usyk, who was sitting ringside. The Ukrainian climbed up the ring apron as the two heavyweights engaged in a head-to-head face-off.

Fury let his anger fly with some trash talk trying to taunt the Ukrainian. But Usyk stood silent, hoping to let his fists talk if this bout happened soon. We are hoping a fight is in development early next year, as revealed by Alexander Krassyuk, the Ukrainian’s promoter.

However, Fury later revealed that he sustained an elbow injury in his fight against Chisora. In an interview with ESPN, Fury stated that he might undergo surgery on his right elbow. This could push the potential Fury vs. Usyk to a later date rather than at the start of the new year.

This match would be one not to miss. If it happens, we could see the first undisputed four-belt boxing champion in history. We’ll have to wait and see what develops.

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