UFC 279 – Nate Diaz Bows Out Of UFC With A Win

UFC 279 – Nate Diaz Bows Out Of UFC With A Win

UFC 279 took place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on September 10, 2022, at 8 PM ET. The card’s main event was supposed to be entirely different, with Khamzat Chimaev being Nate Diaz’s opponent.

UFC 279

However, Chimaev could not make weight, and the UFC replaced him with Tony Ferguson as Nate’s makeshift opponent. All the build-up to the main event was eventually for nothing as Chimaev weighed in at 178.5 pounds, 7.5 pounds heavier than Nate Diaz.

It was Nate Diaz’s last fight on his UFC contract, and he went out with a win against Tony Ferguson, making him tap out in the fourth round of the main event. Nate Diaz has been one of UFC’s most influential faces for over a decade and leaves the organization as a legend.

Along with the main event, the co-main event was fought between Khamzat Chimaev and Kevin Holland. They had a couple of run-ins and face-offs backstage before the weigh-ins, so this match-up only seemed fair.

Main Event – Nate Diaz vs. Tony Ferguson

Nate Diaz and Tony Ferguson gave fight fans what they were waiting for – pure carnage and the highest-quality fighting skills. Both fighters have been around for a long time, but they never fought each other before, considering they were competing in the Welterweight division.

Tony Ferguson accepted the last-minute approach by the UFC to fight on the main card, replacing Khamzat Chimaev. Fans were unhappy with how Khamzat Chimaev conducted himself after the weigh-ins, as they wanted him to face Nate Diaz. Instead, he was offered an easier opponent in Kevin Holland for the co-main event.

Nate Diaz vs Tony Ferguson

Nate Diaz showed why he had been one of the UFC’s top dogs by giving the fight fans an excellent performance. It was not just the fighting skills that enthralled the fans, but also his side antics, messing around with Tony Ferguson. It was as if Ferguson was not a match for Diaz in some phases of the fight.

Round 1

The first round started with both fighters trying to measure each other’s distances. Tony Ferguson, as always, was the one with more movements and tricks up his sleeve. He looked like he was in the mood to give the fans what they wanted.

Nate Diaz was also no less of a showman in the first round, hitting Ferguson with some combinations. The first sight of blood was seen after Diaz defended one of Ferguson’s low kicks. Ferguson’s shinbone struck Nate’s knee, leading to a split in his shin.

The blood flowed out profusely, covering almost all of his left leg. However, that did not stop Ferguson from landing punches and kicks on Nate Diaz. The first round was close for both fighters and ended without any significant incident.

Round 2

The Nate Diaz that we all know showed up in the second round, landing a significant amount of strikes on Tony Ferguson. This was the start of a Nate Diaz masterclass, as he cut open some parts around Tony Ferguson’s right eye.

That did not stop Ferguson, as he kept coming at Nate Diaz with wild swings and some smooth moves. Nate Diaz used his famous left hand damage Ferguson, bleeding from his shin and eyes. He was finding it difficult to cope with Nate’s left-hand attacks.

The second round ended with Ferguson receiving more facial injuries, apparent from all the blood flowing from the areas around his right eye.

Round 3

The third round also had a similar pattern to the second one, as Nate Diaz was the one controlling the octagon. Tony Ferguson found it hard to cope with Nate’s attacks, mainly because of the blood messing up his vision. That would turn out to be a vital factor in the fight.

There was a moment in the third round where Tony Ferguson landed a powerful right kick on Nate’s right knee. This rattled Nate Diaz, as everybody saw he was in excruciating pain.

Nate Diaz took his time to recover from the knock, but most fight fans would blame Tony Ferguson for not taking advantage of that situation and following it up with further attacks. Nate Diaz could be seen strolling around the octagon, trying to get away from Tony Ferguson while he recovered.

He took pauses in between and was finally able to get back his composure. Nate Diaz managed to land some shots on Ferguson before the end of the third round.

Nate Diaz

Round 4

All three rounds were fought standing, and the fourth one had a similar start. Both were trying to get the better of one another. However, a left hand from Nate Diaz forced Ferguson to get defensive.

This was Ferguson’s biggest mistake as Nate Diaz found an opening and trapped Ferguson’s neck in his left arm, taking him down on the canvas for the first time in this fight. Nate Diaz was able to maneuver a guillotine on Ferguson’s neck, and El Cucuy finally tapped out.

Nate Diaz’s UFC Story Comes To An End

It was befitting of Nate Diaz to get a win in his last fight in the UFC. Though the fight against Chimaev was off, he still had a worthy opponent in Tony Ferguson. Diaz and Ferguson are both giants in the fight game, and it couldn’t have turned out better for Nate Diaz.

In his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, he hinted that he might try out his hands at a boxing career. No matter what happens in the future for Nate Diaz, he will always be a legend in the UFC and an original gangster.

It was a great fight to end UFC 279 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it will be remembered in the days to come.

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