UFC 283 – Teixeira vs Hill

UFC 283

The UFC 283 took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at the Jeunesse Arena on January 21st at 10:00 AM ET. The card was filled with excellent match-ups, but the main event could only be headed by one of Brazil’s national heroes, Glover Teixeira, against Jamahal Hill.

UFC 283

Glover Teixeira is a UFC and MMA community veteran, stepping into the octagon to face Jamahal Hill for the light heavyweight title. The young man was crowned the UFC’s new light heavyweight champion but was made to work for it by Glover Teixeira.

The co-main event was another stellar match-up, as Deiveson Figueiredo and Brandon Moreno faced each other for the fourth time for the UFC flyweight unified title. These two have been the best of enemies for the longest time, stripping titles off one another.

However, Brandon Moreno came out on top this time by knocking out Figueiredo in the third round. Winning the title in his opponent’s home country made the win much sweeter for Brandon Moreno.

Main Event – Teixeira vs. Hill

The main event was the talk of UFC 283, as a veteran UFC fighter Glover Teixeira was about to take on an explosive young talent in Jamahal Hill for the UFC light heavyweight title.

Jamahal Hill had a track record of 11 wins and 1 loss before entering this fight, and Glover Teixeira had 33 wins and 9 losses throughout his career. The young American showed the world why he was worth all the hype by defeating Teixeira.

The fight started with the Brazilian looking to pounce on any chance to take down Jamahal Hill. The veteran fighter’s most vital fighting skill is on the canvas, grappling and wrestling down his opponents and making them tap out.

Teixeira vs Hill

Teixeira attempted several takedown attempts in the first round but was unsuccessful in genuinely laying down the fight’s pace. The American, a graduate of the Contender Series, looked unfazed by the Brazilian’s takedown attempts. He could think with a straight head, defending Teixeira’s attempts like a seasoned grappler.

Jamahal Hill showed how much he has improved in his all-around fighting skills. Many fans believed he was inexperienced to be fighting a monster of the game for a title bout at this early in his UFC career. However, the American proved doubters wrong by putting on a solid show against Glover Teixeira.

Jamahal Hill could subdue Teixeira by using his distance striking to his advantage. Maintaining a reasonable distance prevented the Brazilian from getting close enough to Hill to execute more takedowns. The American attacked Teixeira with solid kicks, sharp jabs, etc.

All these attacks on Teixeira forced the judges to allot more points to Jamahal Hill. After five grueling rounds, the American became the new light heavyweight champion by unanimous decision, and he broke down in disbelief as it was announced.

The most significant change in Hill’s game was his assessment ability during the fight. He knew when to attack and when to stay on the back foot. This was missing from his skillset in his past UFC fights.

Jamahal Hill may not have won the title by being explosive like most champions, but he showed young fighters that there is always hope if you keep working hard and improving yourself.

Co-Main Event – Figueiredo vs Moreno

The flyweight division has seen the greatest rivalry between two superstars for the past three years. Deiveson Figueiredo from Brazil and Brandon Moreno from Mexico have entertained UFC fans for a long time, having fought three times previously.

These two fighters headed last night’s co-main event, fighting each other for the fourth time in their careers. The two fighters were full of respect for each other last night, which was not the case when they first fought.

Figueiredo vs Moreno

However, the fourth fight did not live up to its expectations. It was not because the two fighters were complacent but because they produced spine-tingling performances in their previous three meets.

Round 1

The first round saw a quick start to the fight, with Brandon Moreno taking down the Brazilian on the canvas. Figueiredo attempted a counterattack by trying out a guillotine choke, but the Mexican escaped his hold.

They got back to their feet and landed strikes on each other intermittently. Both fighters were in no hurry once they got back to their feet. Figueiredo tried to perform a submission move on Moreno’s leg at the end of the first round, but he could not execute it due to the bell.

Round 2

When the second round started, the Mexican attempted a body kick on Figueiredo, but the Brazilian caught hold of his leg and took him down. Figueiredo was in control for most of the second round, taking down Moreno and dominating him.

However, the Mexican returned to his feet and took the game to Figueiredo with several combinations. A head kick by Figueiredo forced the two fighters to go to the ground and try to take control of the other.

Figueiredo tried another guillotine attempt but failed. Moreno ended up being on top of the Brazilian by the end of the second round.

Round 3

The third round saw the Mexican go into the fight with hasty punches. He swung wildly without any fruitful outcome but kept going at it. Brandon Moreno’s persistence finally paid off as he connected a heavy left hand on Figuiredo’s face.

The Brazilian’s eye got hurt, and he tried to get the referee’s attention to pause the fight. However, the referee let the fight continue.

Brandon Moreno took this opportunity to take down Figueiredo and maul him. He was on top, grounding and pounding away on Figueiredo. The referee was forced to call the doctor inside the octagon as Figueiredo struggled to compete.

The doctor called an end to the fight, as the Brazilian’s face was fully swollen, which affected his vision. Brandon Moreno was adjudged the winner by unanimous decision and was crowned the undisputed flyweight champion of the UFC.

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