UFC Vegas 63: Top Fights From The Main Card

It was explosion after explosion in the Octagon on Saturday night as UFC Vegas 63 took place in full force. We’ve had loads of action-packed matches that blew the crowd through the roof. Some of them were quick finishes, while others displayed more of the adrenaline fans are used to. 

There were multiple fights across all divisions and weight classes; the crowd couldn’t get enough of the action! Today, we’ll discuss the top two fights from UFC Vegas 63 and analyze stats and results. So let’s ring the bell and jump straight into the action!

Main Event: Calvin Kattar Vs. Arnold Allen

This was one of October’s most highly anticipated matches in the featherweight division, and fans expected a bloodbath. Calvin Kattar, the Boston Finisher, stepped into the octagon to face Arnold the Almighty Allen. A burst of cheers seeped through as the bells rang to start the first round. 

Round 1

We could see mutual respect from both fighters, which the crowd appreciated. Straight hands from both fighters, followed by a cordial exchange of front kicks to launch things off. Kattar pushes Allen with some powerful punches that make his opponent lose ground. But Allen recovers quickly, startled but unfazed. Quick knee to the stomach by Kattar, followed by a firm jab to the top. 

Allen Vs. Kattar

Both fighters made minor exchanges that went back and forth, with neither making significant gains. Then, Allen went for a speedy combo attack that landed some good shots on Kattar. It sent his opponent scrambling toward the ropes as he pursued with rapid punches and hooks. But kattar recovered quickly, shaking himself off and getting back in the fight. The Boston finisher responded with some heavy punches that connected well. 

With 27 seconds left on the clock, Kattar attempted a flying kick on his opponent but unfortunately could not connect. Moreover, he landed in an awkward position, which clearly hurt him, sending him down. Allen took full advantage of this mishap and charged at the defenseless Kattar, who could only curl up to protect his face. Allen then puts him on a grapple move, trying to choke him out, but there isn’t enough time to finish. 

Kattar Injures His Leg

Round 2

At the beginning of the second round, we could clearly see how much Kattar struggled to stand up. The injury to his knee and heel was going to cost him the whole match, and that’s what exactly happened next. 

The round began with a low kick by Allen that landed right on Kattar’s injured left calf. Kattar tried to put weight on his foot, but he was clearly struggling to keep standing; he fell down on his back immediately after. The match was now over, with Arnold Allen declared the winner by TKO. A quick and somewhat disappointing end to such a highly anticipated fight. 

Co-Main Event: Tim Means Vs. Max Griffin

In the welterweight division, we saw MMA veteran Tim Means face off against Max Griffin, the challenger with young blood. On the one hand, we have the experience and power of ‘The Dirty Bird’, Tim Means, while on the other, stood the tenacity and speed of Max ‘The Pain’ Griffin. What followed was an action-packed UFC extravaganza that sent the crowd soaring with excitement. 

Round 1

This clash was eventful right from the first round when Griffin almost knocked Means out after a deadly combo. It was only after Means switched to a grapple move that the match became even. 

Griffin kept targeting Means’ body, so the famed Dirty Bird quickly threw in a couple of high knee attacks to keep his opponent at bay. Means started using front kicks to push Griffin away, who responded with two big right hands. Then, another big right got the Dirty Bird staggering, hoping for the bell to save him on time. Max ‘the Pain’ Griffin then caught Means in a takedown, but there wasn’t enough time left on the clock. 

Round 2

The second round was just as eventful, as both men came swinging right off the bat. It was clear that Griffin’s speed was getting the better of his opponent, who kept exposing his head throughout.

Griffin Attacks Mean's Exposed Head

Griffin made sure to take advantage of that and go straight for the kill while applying enough pressure with leg kicks. Means would almost get the better of Griffin multiple times, but his opponent was too quick in his response. Whatever gains the Dirty Bird made were quickly taken back by Griffin. The Pain connected a powerful right hand that dropped Means to his knees. However, Means managed to defend himself till the end of the round. 

Round 3

In the third round, Tim Means focused mainly on grapple attacks, hoping to overpower his opponent with his strength. But the Pain was always one step ahead and matched clinch for clinch until he could get the better of the exchange. The two knockdowns Means suffered weren’t doing him any favors either, as the Dirty Bird seemed to be losing this contest. 

In the end, Max Griffin won the match in a split decision. There were times when both fighters seemed evenly matched, but it was clear that Griffin won the exchange fair and square. Even when Means would get a hold of him or land a perfect blow, Griffin was quick to counter and respond. Overall, it was an exciting display of skill from both fighters. 

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