What can you watch with IPTV?

IPTV is a great alternative to traditional cable TV and gives us a myriad of content that we can enjoy watching in HD quality. Unlike cable TV, we don’t have to be stuck in front of the TV screen when using IPTV. That’s because it can be configured to function in various smart devices, like laptops & computers, tablets, and smartphones. 

Studies show that the IPTV industry grew to a valuation of $72.24 billion in 2020. With its ever-increasing development in Latin America and Asia Pacific regions, that number is bound to grow significantly in the next few years. Experts predict that IPTV’s total value will grow to $194.21 billion by 2026.

What Do We Get With An IPTV Subscription?

Those of you who haven’t transitioned into IPTV might be wondering what exactly you’ll get if you buy IPTV online. Top IPTV providers offer thousands of channels, countless movies on demand, live TV, time-shifted TV, and all the live PPV sports streaming events you can wish for.

Enjoy unlimited content with IPTV

Let us take the example of Roomba TV, ideally the best IPTV provider in North America, Latin America, and the UK regions. The platform also offers a free IPTV trial, allowing you to view their content for a limited time.

Roomba TV Sports

Roomba TV brings the world’s most exciting sporting events straight to the device of your choosing. Subscribers can enjoy watching the latest Football, Basketball, UFC, and NFL events, amongst others, in HD quality without missing any of the action.


There’s no end to the number of football matches you can watch on this IPTV platform. Roomba TV gives football fans exclusive access to the ‘Big Five,’ a collection of the top football leagues in Europe. Football fanatics can watch England’s famous Premier League, Germany’s exhilarating Bundesliga, France’s prestigious Ligue 1, Italy’s exclusive Serie A, and Spain’s action-packed La Liga.

Roomba TV features the best of Football

What’s more, you can also watch some of the best football leagues in the South American regions as well. These include the action-packed Brazil‑Serie A, Colombia‑Primera A, and Argentina‑Primera División, all presented live on HD. Other popular domestic leagues include the Dutch Eredivisie, USA’s Major Soccer League, Mexico’s Liga MX, and the Ukrainian Premier League.

National Football League (NFL)

NFL is currently right in the middle of the 2022 regular season, and you can watch all the matches live exclusively on Roomba TV. Catch all the latest and exciting gridiron football action on 4k HD quality.

Catch the action packed NFL regular season on Roomba TV

NFL started regular seasons a while back and is currently in week 5 of 18, so there’s still plenty more to enjoy. The tournament features the top American football teams coming to action as they fight for dominance every week. Support professional teams like the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Greenbay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, and many more!

National Basketball Association (NBA)

NBA is the golden standard for men’s professional basketball and is watched by millions of people every year. Its popularity grows yearly, with more and more people flocking in to get a piece of the action. As of now, the NBA generates approximately 12.4 million viewers every year.

Watch the latest NBA matches on Roomba TV

The league features America’s top 30 basketball teams and pits them against each other in an adrenaline-pumping competition to decide the season champions. Some of these teams include the popular Golden State Warriors, the Eccentric LA Lakers, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, and Boston Celtics, amongst others.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

UFC displays some of the most brutal and exhilarating combat known to the world and features some of the deadliest fighters in history. It is the world’s largest combat sports platform and boasts a dedicated viewership of countless millions worldwide.

Enjoy all the UFC action on HD quality

Watch as these skilled martial artists face off against each other in the deadly octagonal ring that allows no escape. Some are rookies hoping for glory; some are established champions dominating the ring, while some are pure legends in the game. Blood will be spilled, and bones will be broken in the latest episodes of UFC fight night, exclusively on Roomba TV.

Major League Baseball (MLB)

MLB is the oldest professional sports league in the USA and presents a roster of 30 National and American league teams. Twenty-nine of these teams are from the USA, while one of them, the Toronto Blue Jays, is from Canada. MLB features 162 matches of entertaining baseball action and is by far the longest league in American sports.

Dive into the world of baseball with Roomba TV

The regular season of MLB is scheduled to start on March 30, 2023, and will feature some of the finest teams in baseball duking it out. Watch the amazing New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, L. A Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, and many more live, exclusively on Roomba TV.

Roomba TV Network Programs

Subscribing to Roomba TV will give you access to over 18,390 network channels presenting the latest news, shows, and entertainment. The platform features some of the top networks, such as CBS, which has an average viewership of 7.14 million; NBC, with 6.3 million viewers; and ABC, with around 5.19 million viewers.

Enjoy some of the most-watched television entertainment programs like Survivor, The Voice, and The Bachelor, amongst others. Moreover, you can also get in touch with the latest news from popular channels like FOX News, CNN, and BBC news.

Roomba TV Movies And Shows

If you’re a movie buff, then this is definitely the platform for you, as you get to watch over 51,160 movies on demand. Roomba TV presents a massive library of films created by the most talented directors and top studios in Hollywood and worldwide. Catch the latest blockbuster movies like Thor: Love & Thunder, The Batman, Top Gun: Maverick, Jurassic World Dominion, and so much more.

Roomba TV offers the latest movies, countless shows, and exclusive live TV

Roomba TV also gives you 6,250 episodes of all your favorite shows in crystal clear HD quality. Some of them include the action packed Cobra Kai, based on the iconic Karate Kid movies, the critically acclaimed period drama: The Queen’s Gambit, and the world’s favorite zombie drama: the Walking Dead. Catch all the latest episodes and seasons exclusively on Roomba TV.

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