What do we get with an IPTV Subscription?

IPTV gives you access to a comprehensive exhibition of films and shows, along with Live TV and sports streaming. While the concept is similar to mainstream OTT platforms like Netflix, it has a few significant differences.

Netflix only allows us to stream tailored content that has been pre-recorded and stored for us to watch. Most of the content on their platform has been produced and created by them, while others are individual productions from different networks or companies. This more or less makes Netflix a network that uses its platform and custom video player to display its content.

On the other hand, IPTV is a much broader service and offers a one-stop shop for all your viewing needs. However, since the concept is fairly new, most people don’t know what they’ll get with an iptv subscription. So let’s find out.

What do you get when you buy IPTV?

Once you buy iptv, you will gain access to all the features provided by the iptv provider, and it isn’t only limited to live tv. We’re talking about the latest movies, the most trending shows, hoards of binge-watch material reality shows, and some award-winning documentaries.

If we take the example of Roomba TV, the popular platform offers box-office hits such as the Harry Potter and Suicide Squad franchises, critically acclaimed series like AMC’s Walking Dead, and the latest sports events live on PPV.

The only thing you might not find available is content officially made for select networks like Netflix or Amazon Prime. So, in other words, IPTV doesn’t create content; it only curates them.

Finally, a paid subscription to one of the top iptv providers like Roomba TV will give you additional services that aren’t available in your average cable or satellite tv package. These services can mainly be divided into three formats:

Live Television Broadcasting

It goes without saying; an iptv membership gives you access to live television in real-time, broadcasted in fantastic HD quality. It’s just like watching regular tv but without being forced to sit in front of your television.

You see, even a free iptv trial membership gives you the option to shift all your tv channels into your chosen device. The device can be your smartphone, computer, laptop, or tablet; the choice is yours. You’ll never have to be restricted to your living room couch after this.

Catch-up TV

You might not have realized this, but watching traditional tv is all about timing. Just think about it, you have to adjust your schedule according to the timings dictated by TV channels. So, if you miss Sunday evening’s CNN broadcast, there’s no way of rewatching it unless you catch the late-night re-run at an inconvenient hour.

If you have something you want to catch on Sunday night, but you know you’ll be busy during the broadcast, the only option is for you to record the program. That way, you can watch the recording the next day or whenever you’re free.

Catch-up TV, otherwise known as time-shifted tv service, stores live broadcasts and episodes for a particular period, allowing you to rewatch it at your convenience. It is especially useful for rewatching sports events, news, or talk show episodes.

So, it won’t be an issue if you miss Sunday’s CNN broadcast with IPTV installed. The platform will simply store the episode for the next few days, allowing you to watch the full episode whenever possible. Convenient, isn’t it?

However, do note that the episode will only be stored for a few days and will eventually be removed from the database. This is done to clear enough storage space for the next episode to be temporarily archived. Of course, with multiple TV channels producing thousands of episodes each year, the platform will undoubtedly have to adjust the content for storage space.

Video on Demand (VOD)

As the name suggests, video on demand refers to the extensive libraries and mega collections of movies, cartoons, documentaries, and TV show episodes available with IPTV.

The sheer volume of video content watchable on these platforms amounts to terabytes of storage space and would be impossible for traditional tv to mimic. Luckily, IPTV platforms use internet protocol to spread the required data in smaller packets that we can connect to on demand.

So, whenever you feel like watching that one cult classic movie lingering in your mind, the IPTV service will already be locked and loaded.

Once you indicate the movie you want to watch, the server will simply connect to the multiple data packets carrying the required information files. Then, it’s only a matter of reading the data and converting it into video and audio, allowing for a smooth and uninterrupted streaming session.

Free IPTV trails

No matter who your cable provider is, we bet they’ll never give you a free trial period. The option to check out the service for a limited amount of time without paying a single dime? Now, that sounds too good to be true.

But actually, that’s exactly what iptv providers like Roomba TV offer for new users who are still contemplating the shift from cable or set-up box TV.

Roomba TV offers free trail period

An iptv trial will give you access to a considerable amount of content available on Roomba TV’s library without any fees. So what are you waiting for? Get your free trial subscription right now!

IPTV reseller program

Another added benefit when you buy iptv online is the various iptv reseller programs available to subscribers. Roomba tv, the best iptv service provider in the U.S, U.K, Canada, and Latin America, comes with a dedicated and beneficial reseller program to help its users earn some income.

Joining the iptv reseller program is straightforward and doesn’t require much on your part. It works by sending your referrals to friends and relatives and having them purchase an iptv subscription. When someone buys iptv online using your referral, you earn a commission and various exciting rewards.

The iptv reseller program is beneficial not only for you but also for the provider since it helps them reach out to more potential customers. It’s a win-win situation!

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