What Is The Difference Between IPTV Box And Android TV Box?

Cable and satellite TV can barely be seen these days due to the rapid growth of other types of video streaming platforms. The most popular ones are IPTV and Android TV currently, with millions of users worldwide.

Distinctions between set-top boxes are difficult to spot.

There are a lot of features in common on both platforms, but there are also a couple of core differences that sets them apart. They ultimately lead to streaming thousands of videos for their audiences.

The set-up boxes for Android TV and IPTV have some fundamental differences, which we will be discussing about in this article. Learning about the differences will help you buy IPTV or Android TV services, depending on your choice.

IPTV Set-Top Box

Most people use IPTV services because they offer more content than traditional or satellite TV services. The problem with conventional television platforms is that you have to pay for the whole package as it comes. You do not get to select which channels you want and which ones you don’t.

Bringing a connection to your home is also expensive because you will end up paying more for the cables and other features. However, IPTV has none of these problems, as all you need to do is pay for the set-up box, and then you can subscribe to any channels you like.

One such example of an IPTV platform is Roomba TV. It is one of the best IPTV providers, with subscribers from all over the US, UK, Canada, and Latin America. A Roomba TV set-up box works just like any other IPTV set-up box.

You can use the set-top box on any regular TV to stream your favorite content. There is no requirement for a smart TV to use an IPTV set-up box. You can use any resolution and framerate you want if your TV supports it.

Let us look at some pros and cons of using an IPTV set-up box.

IPTV Boxes are upgradable

IPTV set-up boxes have shared firmware updates, allowing them to be updated with the latest software. This software helps in getting rid of bugs and speeds up the device’s effectiveness.

You can watch live streaming videos without lags or disturbances on IPTV platforms like Roomba TV because their set-up boxes can have more RAM and processing power.

Limited third-party apps

If you are someone that loves having all kinds of apps on your TV, then IPTV set-top boxes may not be for you. For people that like to keep things simple and have a platform to watch all their favorite shows, movies, sports, etc., IPTV services are the best options.

The IPTV set-top boxes do not entertain many third-party apps because they are platforms that are dedicated to streaming videos. IPTV services were created as a better option to traditional and satellite TV, but the basics remain the same.

Think as if you are watching TV, but with IPTV set-top boxes, you are provided with much higher-quality streaming. You will have a wide range of channels to choose from, and you will only pay subscription fees for the ones you need.

Android TV Set-Top Box

Android TV set-top boxes are growing more in demand due to their ability to stream high-quality videos like IPTV platforms, but also because they are capable of doing much more.

It is also similar to a set-top box that gives people access to high-quality videos, video content sites, games, etc. It will function smoothly as long as there is a high-speed internet connection.

The internet is vital for both IPTV and Android TV streaming services, as they do not rely on cables or satellites. Another important component to using the Android TV set-top box is to have a TV that supports the Android operating system.

When we talk about Android TV set-top boxes giving people access to more features, it means you can install other third-party apps. Once you set up your Android TV set-top box in your TV, you can use it just like your regular Android smartphone. You can play video games and use other apps by downloading them from the Android PlayStore.

There are many advantages of having an Android set-top box at your home. You can make life easy by connecting external devices like Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa.

Let us look at some of the advantages and disadvantages that come with an Android set-top box.

Cheaper than IPTV set-top boxes

Though Android TV set-top boxes provide more features, it is still cheaper than IPTV boxes. Consumers always have a misconception about the prices of Android TV boxes due to the added feature, but that is not the case.

Android TV boxes are the perfect option for people on a limited budget who want to experience video-streaming services and other app features. However, the video streaming quality may not be that of the top IPTV services like Roomba TV.

Video streaming quality is lower on Android TV

Android TV boxes are more flexible than IPTV boxes but lack a little in providing top-quality live streaming content. You can watch live-streaming even on Android TV, but it cannot provide the same experience as an IPTV provider.

Android TV set-top boxes will be suitable for someone who likes to spend more time on platforms like YouTube or other online platforms. The menu on an Android set-top box may not be optimized for streaming videos or run into some compatibility issues.

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