Why IPTV is the undisputed King of Entertainment 

The term IPTV was introduced into the world in 1995 but has significantly grown in importance over the last few years. Researchers say it is the very future of television, but in our opinion, it is the future of entertainment as a whole.  

IPTV platforms like Roomba TV, which is easily the top iptv platform and best iptv provider, have delighted viewers with tons of on-demand movies, live PPV streams, and incredible iptv reseller programs. And this is only a fraction of what IPTV offers its countless happy subscribers.  

The reason for TV’s downfall 

Traditional TV was the dominant platform for decades until the internet exploded into the familiar, super-fast utility that provides us with the latest information and the most trending entertainment. Subscribers now had access to live TV and tons of content on demand without parking themselves in front of their television sets. IPTV had now established itself as the underground champion of entertainment, with massive growth each year.  

In our opinion, it was bound to happen because, let’s face it; traditional TV is an overall limitation compared to its modern counterparts. The content is super outdated, and the requirement of having to wait patiently for that movie you want to watch is an overall annoyance. Unlike traditional TV, IPTV isn’t limited to a television set and can be used on computers, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. Now that’s some incredible flexibility right there! 

Traditional TV is on a path to becoming irrelevant

Plus, with the existence of OTT platforms and the many convenient but illegal third-party movie streaming sites on the internet, the significance of TV has almost faded into oblivion.  

Traditional television used to be the top form of entertainment in almost every household; however, that number came down to 119.9 million households in 2018-2019. On the other hand, IPTV and OTT platforms have increased their subscriber base to 123 million and 2 billion, respectively.  

We know what you’re thinking, OTT is clearly at the top position, so doesn’t that mean OTT should be the king of entertainment? Well, they might enjoy billions of subscribers now, but that number is bound to decrease. Read ahead to learn more! 

The reason for OTT’s downfall 

OTT platforms have seen an insane rise during the pandemic, recording at least 2 billion subscribers till now. However, that number is projected to decrease pretty soon, paving the way for IPTV to take its rightful place at the top.  

Despite offering the latest content in the form of incredibly tailored movies and shows that are aimed at their respective subscriber bases, it doesn’t look like OTT will maintain its current growth in the future. As it is, the number one OTT platform, Netflix is still recovering from losing a considerable chunk of subscribers. Research indicates that the loss has been in the millions, with very little room for Netflix to recover.  

The main reason for this seems to be the ever-increasing subscription cost, which now stands at a whopping $97.73 for the yearly plan. Compare that to Amazon Prime and Hotstar’s measly $18.81 yearly charges, and you’ll begin to see where the problem lies.  

Be that as it may, fans have been quite forthcoming with Netflix’s crazy subscription charge for quite some time now. However, the OTT giant failed at the one thing they were supposed to be good at, providing exceptional content tailored to meet the expectations of its subscribers. In other words, they haven’t been doing well in the ‘creative’ department, and fans are starting to lose faith in the platform.  

Netflix is no longer the world’s consumer favorite

What’s more, the platform’s recent decision to include advertisements beats the whole purpose of OTT and is taken as a kick to the face by many. Naturally, this sparked a worldwide exodus from Netflix as millions of subscribers found a better home in other OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and Disney+.  

However, Amazon Prime has little original content to show for, and the fact that they charge viewers for outdated movies, despite already paying for a premium subscription, isn’t taken too well by many. Similarly, Hotstar’s bread and butter come in the form of live cricket streaming, a sport that is most popular in India and the U.K. Subscribers might be ok with it for now, but experts predict that both these platforms will go through a similar rough patch as Netflix in the years to come.  

What is IPTV’s future? 

Roomba TV, arguably the best IPTV provider, comes at a yearly price of $90 flat. It isn’t very different from Netflix’s $97.73 price tag; however, if you take a closer look, you’ll find that Roomba TV offers an insane amount of content that makes Netflix look like a baby.  

To start off, Roomba TV features more than 18,390 channels filled with high-quality entertainment, all at the tip of your fingers. To be exact, the popularly known best IPTV service provider offers 6,250 episodes of amazing series content, including fan favorite, the Walking Dead franchise. If that’s not enough, you’ll also get undisputed access to more than 51,160 movies on demand. 

Roomba TV offers hoards of impressive content at the tip of your fingers

Moreover, Roomba TV’s incredible IPTV reseller program greatly incentivizes people to subscribe to the popular platform. As a reseller, you can refer the platform to your friends and relatives and earn a commission every time they subscribe to the platform using your link. With commissions up to $2.5 per subscription, it truly is an exciting offer to try out. 

Finally, Roomba TV allows you to take a free IPTV trial that gives you access to all its contents for a limited time. This includes movies, shows, and sports streaming events, all free. Can anything else even compare to this? 

IPTV platforms are soon to tap into the Chinese consumer base, which will skyrocket their subscription base by a considerable amount. Hopefully, it will give them 226 million new subscribers by 2026, which will finally allow them to exceed cable TV.  

As for competing against OTT, they still have a long way to go. However, OTT’s recent setbacks prove that the tides are turning. As it is, OTT was never a permanent solution, with most of their users also having an IPTV subscription on the side. The main reason for this is that OTT, for all its pizzaz, cannot replace TV and has an expiry date approaching fast. All of this definitely points to IPTV platforms like Roomba TV becoming the undisputed entertainment kings in the years to come.  

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